Welcome to Lynn University.  Contained on this page is a quick start guide for student technology and systems. 

Table of Contents

Step 1: Complete onboarding network account steps


Onboarding your network account means the following:

Welcome to Lynn! It is time to Onboard your myLynn account (Lynn students only) by entering the information from the Lynn University Onboarding email that you received. myLynn is where you will find just about everything you'll need as a Lynn University student—including your orientation schedule, class schedule, financial aid documents, tuition payments, grades and email. If you have not received the email from Lynn University Onboarding you should contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.

Overview of Steps

  1. Complete the onboarding steps in the Account Onboarding Steps section below
  2. Review the Next Steps section for how to access other resources

Step-by-step guide

Account Onboarding Steps

  1. Find the admissions email (see image below) in your personal email inbox (the one you provided when applying to Lynn). 

    Follow the instructions in the email by clicking on the Lynn University Onboarding Site Link or you can open up any browser and enter https://onboarding.lynn.edu.  Follow the instructions on screen. Please keep the Onboarding email ready, as you will need it for the steps below.

    Onboarding setup page

  2. Enter your ID number from the email. It is typically a number from 5 - 8 digits long. Then Click ‘Next’
    Enter student id

  3. Here you will need to enter the pincode and username provided on the email.  Then click ‘Next’
    Enter pincode and username window

  4. This page requires you to enter a required personal email address and an optional mobile phone number in the US. This information will be stored in our automated password reset system. Then Click ‘Next
    Password reset window

  5. The next two pages will look very similar and require you to select security questions and provide answers. This information will be stored in our self-service reset password management system(SSRPM) should you need to reset your password in the future. Click ‘Next’ when you have filled out both pages.
    Questions and answers window

  6. This next page allows you to set your account password for the first time. Please make sure to follow the password requirements listed on this page. All of the red X’s must be green check marks for you to be able to successfully set your password. Then Click ‘Change’
    Enter new password window

  7. At this point, you have now successfully Activated your myLynn account and finished the Onboarding process. Please remember both your Username and your Lynn Email Address, as these are what you will use to access the myLynn portal and other online resources. If you Click ‘OK’ you will be taken back to the home page for Onboarding. You can close this browser window.
    Onboarding completed message
  8. At this point you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox that you have successfully set up your Lynn account.

Next Steps

Now that you have successfully set your password recovery options, the next step is to go to mLynn and login.  https://my.lynn.edu 

Once you have successfully logged in, view the Quick links tab on the left for additional resources that you have access to.  Please note that you should always log in to myLynn BEFORE you click on any of the quick links.

Step 2: Complete Multi-Factor Authentication enrollment


Multi-Factor Authentication used for accessing Lynn resources:

Instructional Video

          Instructional Video

Getting Started

IT recommends that users complete their enrollment using a desktop computer or iPad.
Users will need to have their iPhone or Android phone with them and be able to download apps, to complete the process.
Users should make sure they are connected to the internet and have their Lynn University email address and password ready to log in.

Starting the Process

Users should receive an email from Lynn University with a link to begin the registration process.  If so, click the blue “Click Here to Register for MFA” button.

Signing In on the Desktop Computer or iPad

The Microsoft Sign-in Screen will appear.
Users should enter their Lynn University Email Address and click Next.  (Ex.  user@email.lynn.edu or user@lynn.edu)

Next, the Lynn University sign-in screen will appear.
Users should enter their Lynn University Account password and click Sign In.

On the next screen, users can select whether to stay signed in on the device they are using.
If the user is registering on a public device, they should not remain signed in.

The next screen is the first step in the registration process.
Click on Next to continue.

Downloading and Installing the Microsoft Authenticator App on your iPhone/Android device

Before users can continue through the process, they must download the Microsoft Authenticator App on their secondary device.
Lynn University-issued iPad users can go to the Self-Service app to download the app

Users who can click on the “Download now” link on their secondary device will be taken to the App Store on their device and be able to download the app.

If users cannot click the link, they may go to the App Store and search for Microsoft Authenticator.
Once found users should download the app.

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App on your iPhone/Android device

Once the download is complete, launch the app.
The App may ask you to approve Push Notifications.
This is essential to allow as users will get pushes to Approve or Deny when logging in.

A notice may appear explaining the app’s data usage policy.
After reading, press OK.

  • Once the app has been installed and is ready for use, go back to your ipad/desktop
  • For the "How should we contact you?" question, click or tap on the drop down menu and choose Mobile App. 
  • Click on the blue Set Up button 

  • Select "Receive Notifications for Verification".
  • Click on the blue "Set Up" button .

Syncing the Microsoft Authenticator App to your iPhone/Android device

  • Press the ”Add Account” button in the middle of the screen.
  • Select the “Work or School Account” option on the next screen.
  • If prompted, click OK to allow the app to use the device’s camera.

Once the app is ready, click Next on the desktop or iPad device.
The following page, displayed on the desktop or iPad, will have a QR code that users can scan to sync the app.

Hold the iPhone/Android’s camera up to the QR code.
When the scan has completed, the image will freeze, and a rotating wheel will appear.
If users are unable to use their iPhone/Android’s camera, they can select to Enter a Code manually.

The manual entry code and URL can be found on the QR code page on the desktop or iPad device.

Copy and paste or enter the manual code and URL into the appropriate places on the App.

Once the code has been scanned or entered successfully, users will see the Lynn University account listed on the app on their iPhone/Android device.

Verifying the Microsoft Authenticator App

Once the app account has been created, go back to the registration screen on the desktop or iPad device, and click Next.
The app will then send a test push-notification to the app on the iPhone/Android device that must be approved or denied.

On the app, a pop-up window will appear that gives the user the option to approve or deny a sign-in attempt.
For account security purposes, it is critical that users do not approve login attempts that may be fraudulent. (If you didn’t do it, don’t approve it!!!)

When the push notification has been approved, the registration screen on the desktop or iPad device will show that the verification has been approved.
Click Next.

Completing the Initial Registration Process

  • The site will ask for additional security verification, in the case you lose access to your app. Input your phone number here. 
  • if it doesn't work, refresh the page, 

Adding alternative authentication devices

  • IT recommends that users set up at least two (2) authentication devices. (For example, if you are completing this on your desktop computer, you can set up an iPad as a 2nd authentication device)
  • On the desktop or iPad device, the Security Info option will load after completing the initial registration.
  • Here, users will add additional devices for authentication.

  • To add another device, click on the blue "Set up Authenticator app" button. 

 A QR code will appear on screen. Download the Authenticator App on your other device and qet to the QR Code Scanning screen

Scan the code and hit next on your desktop. Your Secondary device is now added

Users can also add a phone as an authentication option
        •SMS text messages with codes can be used.
        •Phone calls with codes can be received.
To add this type of device, click the checkbox for Authentication Phone. 

Adding a phone for authentication

Users will select a Country Code and enter their 10-digit phone number

  • The site will ask for verification. It should send you a push notification to the Authenticator App.

The list will now show all devices set up for authentication.

Deleting a device

  • When users get a new device or replace their device, they will need to delete the old device associated with Microsoft Authenticator and add the new device.
  • To delete a device, go back to https://aka.ms/mfasetup
  • Under the check box for Authenticator App or Token, is a list of your devices.
  • Hit delete on the device you'd like to disconnect

Step 3: Accessing Office365 resources


Accessing your student email and applications:

How to login to Office365

  • Navigate to this link https://office365.com
  • Click Sign in at the top
  • Enter your Lynn email address and click Next.
  • When redirected to the Lynn Sign on page, enter your Lynn password and click Next.
    • If prompted, approve your Multi-factor authentication push notification.
  • You are now logged in to Office 365.

  • Another method is to log in through MyLynn.  Once logged in to MyLynn, click on the Student/Employee Email link on the left menu pane.

Resources available in Office365

  • To access all of the Office365 applications, click on the 9-dot box at the top-left corner.
  • If you do not see your app, click on "All Apps" to see them all.
  • Select the app you wish to open.  It will appear in a new tab.

  • Some of the apps available to all Students include (Click on name of application for training resources)
    • Outlook - Application for accessing University email account.
    • OneDrive - Application for cloud-based file storage and sharing functionality
    • Word - Application for creating documents
    • Excel - Application for creating spreadsheets
    • PowerPoint - Application for creating presentations
    • OneNote - Application for creating notes
    • SharePoint - Application for creating shared spaces for groups
    • Teams - Application for working with teams (Instant Messaging, Video Meetings, Shift Schedules)

Step 4: GET Mobile


Download and install Get Mobile:

About GET Mobile

GET Mobile is an app where students and employees can now use their mobile device to swipe for meals among other things!  GET Mobile also provides valuable information about account balances and spending history and enables you to report a lost or stolen Lynn ID card at any time of day or night and also allows you to find places to eat on campus!

Where Can I Use GET Mobile?

The GET Mobile app on your mobile device can only be used in Mary's Kitchen on the first floor of the University Center. 

What Can I Do With GET Mobile?


View meal plan balance

Report/Lock/Unlock my employee ID card if lost or stolen

View my meal plan usage history

Find locations to use meal card

Update my picture on my employee ID card

Submit picture for new employee ID card

Employees – Option to use my mobile device as my meal card

Submit picture for new student ID card

Update my picture on my student ID card

Students – Option to use my mobile device as my meal card

Report/Lock/Unlock my student ID card if lost or stolen

What Do I Do Next?

  1. To start, download and install the GET Mobile installed on your mobile device using the "How do I Access GET Mobile on a Mobile Device" instructions below
  2. Once you have it installed you have another option to access GET Mobile via a web browser if you would like. Use the instructions below, "How do I Access GET Mobile in a Browser".

Accessing GET Mobile

Accessing GET Mobile on a Mobile Device

GET Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices. To download, open the corresponding app store and search for the words "GET Mobile" or click on the icons below if accessing this web page from your mobile device. 

Google play icon Apple app store icon

First Time Setup

Open the application. Select Lynn University and click continue.

GET main page locate Lynn University

Enter your Lynn email address and your password. Click the Sign in button. 

Lynn Login page

Create a pin.

Pin creation page

Remember Your PIN.


**If you've misplaced your PIN or the app no longer functions, the quickest way to resolve the issue is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.  When you launch the app again you will be prompted to create a new pin.

Update your contact Information Page.  You can enter the information and click Next to continue.  Use your Lynn email address.

Update contact information page

You'll now be taken to the home page. For future logins you may be required to authenticate the account using a fingerprint or the PIN you set up for your GET Mobile account. 

My Accounts page

Accessing GET Mobile in a Browser

GET Mobile is available via a web based interface for Windows and Mac computer users. 

To log in, open your browser of choice and visit https://get.cbord.com

Select Lynn University in the drop down menu.

Get Welcome page

You'll now be taken to the Lynn University GET Mobile options page. 

Web Login

Select the "Login to Get Click here to login" link.

Get Login page link

You should be taken to a Lynn University login page. Enter your myLynn username and password. 

Lynn login page

Once logged in, you'll be taken to your account home page. 

Account home page

Submitting your ID Photo using the GET Mobile App

Requirements for Photos:

Your Lynn University ID Photo should look similar to the photo on your Driver's License or Passport.

  • Take a photo from shoulders up (medium headshot) and do NOT crop the picture.
  • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward - no profile shots, no photos on an angle, no sunglasses, and no hats. 
  • Photo must be in color with a solid light blue or white background.
  • You must be the ONLY PERSON within the frame of the photo. No pets, no trees, no friends.
  • No graduation caps, hats, gowns or costumes.
  • Nothing can be touching or blocking your face - hands, trees, parents, etc.
  • No hand gestures.

Step By Steps:

  1. Launch the GET Mobile App
  2. Unlock the app with touch ID or enter your pin depending on how you've set your app up
  3. Tap on the Credit Card image in the middle of the screen underneath the barcode
  4. Click the icon with three horizontal lines at the top right
  5. Click on Settings
  6. Click on Upload Photo
  7. Tap the Choose Photo button
  8. Choose one from the library or choose to take the photo
  9. Take the picture
  10. Click done
  11. You will now see you photo that is pending approval
  12. After your photo has been reviewed and approved by the Campus Card office you will be notified by your university email with further instructions.

  13. If you are attaching an image that you had previously you'll need to meet the following requirements
    1. Photo must be JPEG, PNG, or GIF file type.
    2. Maximum file size accepted is 1 MB.

***Your first Lynn ID Card s provided at no charge. For each lost or stolen card, you are required to pay a replacement fee.

Getting Help

Login Password Help

The GET Mobile app will look for your myLynn username and password once you have selected Lynn University. 

Need Help?

If you are continuing to have trouble logging into the application you may contact the Support Service Desk at:

Support Services Contact Information

Login PIN and Transaction Help

If you would like to report discrepancies with the the meal plan assigned or usage information found within the app, please contact Student Financial Services at 561-237-7185 or stopping into the Green Center to visit Student Financial Services (SFS) during university business hours. SFS will be able to confirm that you have the correct meal plan assigned based on what was purchased.

If you would like to report technical issues with the mobile app or the website you may contact the Support Service Desk at 561-237-7979  or stopping into the Library to visit the Support Service Desk on the first floor during university business hours

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Additional Resources

Lynn University Knowledge Base 

The Lynn University Knowledge Base is a resource for documents and instructions relating to Information-Technology programs and services.

How to access the KB

How to search the KB

  • Type in your search word(s) in the bar.  Options will appear as you type.  Select the one you would like to view.

How to navigate the KB

  • Using the menu in the left pane on the screen, select the category of programs/services that you would like to view.
  • Expand the category to view specific documents.

  • In the center pane, you can browse by first letter of the program/service you are looking for.
    • You can also see recently updated items.
    • This is also a good place to find links for how to contact IT support Services.

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Lynn University Services Center FAQs

How to login

  • Navigate to MyLynn.  Sign in with your MyLynn email address and password.
  • In the left menu pane, scroll down and click on "LU Service Center".


How to create an issue

  • Once on the main LU Service Center page, there are a number of options
    • If you need to book an appointment to visit the IT customer service desk, click the link.
    • For Canvas-specific issues, click on the link to be re-directed to the Canvas support page.
    • For Workday-specific issues, click on the link to be re-directed to a Workday issue entry page.
    • For an issue (Something broken, error, not working and needs to be fixed), click the link to begin a new ticket.
    • For a request (I need something that is not broken or not working), click the link to begin a new ticket.
    • For a Zoom issue, click on the link to begin a new ticket.
    • For a Vonage issue, click on the link to begin a new ticket.
    • For an MFA Authentication issue, click on the link to begin a new ticket.

Error or Broken or Not Working (Incident)

*Also for Vonage Issue, Zoom Issue and MFA Authentication Issue

  • Enter a title for your ticket
  • If the ticket is for yourself, enter Yes.  If you are reporting the ticket for someone else, select No and find their name by typing in and searching.
  • Make a selection for how many users are affected by the issue you are reporting (Individual, Multiple Individuals, Multiple Groups)
  • Make a selection for how this issue is affecting your work (Work Not Affected, Work Degraded, Work Blocked)
  • Type a description of your issue.  Be sure to include as much detail as possible, including any troubleshooting steps you may have taken already.
  • If you would like to attach a screenshot of the issue, you can do that by dragging the file in or clicking Browse to locate and attach the file.
  • Please select a Preferred Contact Method so that IT Support Services may contact you with further details (Email or Phone).
  • When finished, click Create.

I Need Something (Service Request)
  • Enter a title for your ticket
  • If the ticket is for yourself, enter Yes.  If you are reporting the ticket for someone else, select No and find their name by typing in and searching.
  • Type a description of your issue.  Be sure to include as much detail as possible, including any troubleshooting steps you may have taken already.
  • If you would like to attach a screenshot of the issue, you can do that by dragging the file in or clicking Browse to locate and attach the file.
  • Please select a Preferred Contact Method so that IT Support Services may contact you with further details (Email or Phone).
  • When finished, click Create.

How to update or respond within the issue

  • For an issue you have already created, you can access it by clicking the link in the email confirmation you were sent, or by logging in to the Service Center portal and clicking on Requests at the upper-right corner.
  • You can send an additional message or see the status of your ticket here.

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