Welcome to Lynn! It is time to Onboard your myLynn account (Lynn students only) by entering the information from the Lynn University Onboarding email that you received. myLynn is where you will find just about everything you'll need as a Lynn University student—including your orientation schedule, class schedule, financial aid documents, tuition payments, grades and email. If you have not received the email from Lynn University Onboarding you should contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.

Overview of Steps

  1. Complete the onboarding steps in the Account Onboarding Steps section below
  2. Review the Next Steps section for how to access other resources

Step-by-step guide

Account Onboarding Steps

  1. Find the admissions email (see image below) in your personal email inbox (the one you provided when applying to Lynn). 

    Follow the instructions in the email by clicking on the Lynn University Onboarding Site Link or you can open up any browser and enter https://onboarding.lynn.edu.  Follow the instructions on screen. Please keep the Onboarding email ready, as you will need it for the steps below.

    Onboarding setup page

  2. Enter your ID number from the email. It is typically a number from 5 - 8 digits long. Then Click ‘Next’
    Enter student id

  3. Here you will need to enter the pincode and username provided on the email.  Then click ‘Next’
    Enter pincode and username window

  4. This page requires you to enter a required personal email address and an optional mobile phone number in the US. This information will be stored in our automated password reset system. Then Click ‘Next
    Password reset window

  5. The next two pages will look very similar and require you to select security questions and provide answers. This information will be stored in our self-service reset password management system(SSRPM) should you need to reset your password in the future. Click ‘Next’ when you have filled out both pages.
    Questions and answers window

  6. This next page allows you to set your account password for the first time. Please make sure to follow the password requirements listed on this page. All of the red X’s must be green check marks for you to be able to successfully set your password. Then Click ‘Change’
    Enter new password window

  7. At this point, you have now successfully Activated your myLynn account and finished the Onboarding process. Please remember both your Username and your Lynn Email Address, as these are what you will use to access the myLynn portal and other online resources. If you Click ‘OK’ you will be taken back to the home page for Onboarding. You can close this browser window.
    Onboarding completed message
  8. At this point you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox that you have successfully set up your Lynn account.

Next Steps

Now that you have successfully set your password recovery options, the next step is to go to mLynn and login.  https://my.lynn.edu 

Once you have successfully logged in, view the Quick links tab on the left for additional resources that you have access to.  Please note that you should always log in to myLynn BEFORE you click on any of the quick links.