In response to COVID-19 and to support the need for online instruction and telecommuting, Lynn University has provisioned Zoom Meeting accounts for all faculty, staff, and active students. Zoom is a web conferencing tool for virtual meetings, classes, conferences and collaboration. Zoom allows face-to-face meeting using HD video conferencing. It is available via web browser, Mac and Windows applications, and  also via mobile app. The following guide will help you get started using Zoom.

Zoom Key Features

  • Schedule group meetings for up to 300 participants 
  • Host meetings with capability to share audio, video, chat, screens and computer sound
  • Unlimited meetings for one-on-one and group meeting sessions 
  • Zoom integrates with Canvas and will provide the option for live or on-demand classes
  • SSO using your Lynn's email address as the username and your myLynn password 
  • License available to all current faculty, staff, and students using their university email address

Quick Tips 

  • Mute yourself when not speaking  
  • Use the Zoom chat to ask questions in a meeting, conference or virtual classroom
  • Be sure to plug in external camera and/or microphone before opening the Zoom application
  • You cannot record unless you are the meeting host, or the meeting host assigns you permission to record 

Use by Campus Groups 




Faculty are granted a Zoom Business account that allows hosting of up to 300 participants with no limits. If additional Zoom features are required, please submit a request to the IT service desk

Faculty Use

  • Hold virtual/hybrid classes 
  • Hold breakout session for group collaboration 
  • Conduct live polling during class
  • Provide access to digital whiteboard and screen sharing
  • Record and caption class sessions 
  • Allow students to give presentations online
  • Assign an alternative host when unable to attend your meeting

Staff are granted the same license as faculty. Staff can schedule to utilize a webinar license for events up to two weeks in advance. A ticket should be submitted via the IT service desk for incidents related to this product. 

Staff Use:

  • Host online meeting 
  • Host events with breakout rooms with 300 simultaneous participants 
  • Conduct polling during meetings
  • Provide access to digital whiteboard and screen sharing
  • Record and caption meetings 
  • Quickly identify others' presence, call or chat with students, faculty, and staff via Zoom 

Students are provided a Basic Zoom account that host up to 100 participants. The basic account has a group meeting limit of 40 minutes per meeting. Students requiring more than a Basic account, may submit a request via the IT service desk with an academic justification for the change.

Student Use:

  • Attend virtual/hybrid classes 
  • Meet with instructors during virtual office hours 
  • Attend virtual meetings for clubs and organizations 
  • Meet with classmates to work on projects and assignments
  • Review class sessions on demand
  • Chat with other students, faculty, and staff via Zoom Chat 
  • Meet with campus departments virtually