Due to the increased efficiency of building materials, in some locations, your cellular signal may not penetrate the building you are in. To minimize the effect of this signal loss, Wi-Fi calling may be enabled on your cellular device. Please confirm with your cellular provider that Wi-Fi calling is supported on your plan. For some providers, this is a premium service, and additional fees may be applied. 

For your convenience, links to several popular cell phone manufacturers' instructions for enabling Wi-Fi calling are provided below. If your specific device is not listed, please contact your cellular provider for more information about Wi-Fi calling.

Apple iPhone: How to Make Calls Using WiFi

Google Pixel Phone: Pixel Phone by Google - Turn Wi-Fi Calling On / Off

Samsung Galaxy Phone: Turn on Wi-Fi Calling on Galaxy Phones

Motorola Phone: Does my phone support Wi-Fi calling?

Sony Xperia: How can I enable Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi)?

LG: How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Your LG Phone

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