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DUO is a comprehensive security solution confirms the identities of Lynn University users with multi-factor authentication before granting access to applications.

All employees with a lynn email address are automatically enrolled in DUO.  An enrollment email will be sitting in your Lynn email from DUO security with a link to register your device.  It should look similar to below.  Please follow the instructions in the email or, if you prefer, review the instructional videos below.

Do not attempt to enroll into DUO until you receive your own email from DUO security with a link.  If you can't find the email please reach out to Support Services.

You will initially register a single device, after that you will be able to Add/Modify your configuration using the Portal as per instructional videos below. It is recommended that you register at least three separate methods for two factor authentication so that you are never locked out. 


Service not currently available to students.

Faculty and Staff

DUO service will be rolled out to faculty and staff starting July, 2019.

Instructional Videos

Official Website:

What is Two Factor Authentication and how does it benefit me?

Please contact Support Services x7979 for any assistance.