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Table of Contents

About Cbord GET

Cbord GET is an app where students and employees can now use their mobile device to swipe for meals among other things!  Cbord GET also provides valuable information about account balances and spending history and enables you to report a lost or stolen Lynn ID card at any time of day or night and also allows you to find places to eat on campus!

Where Can I Use Cbord GET?

The Cbord GET app on your mobile device can only be used in Mary's Kitchen on the first floor of the University Center. 

What Can I Do With Cbord GET?


View meal plan balance

Report/Lock/Unlock my employee ID card if lost or stolen

View my meal plan usage history

Find locations to use meal card

Update my picture on my employee ID card

Submit picture for new employee ID card

Employees – Option to use my mobile device as my meal card

Submit picture for new student ID card

Update my picture on my student ID card

Students – Option to use my mobile device as my meal card

Report/Lock/Unlock my student ID card if lost or stolen

What Do I Do Next?

  1. To start, download and install the CBord Get Mobile installed on your mobile device using the "How do I Access GET on a Mobile Device" instructions below
  2. Once you have it installed you have another option to access Cbord Get via a web browser if you would like. Use the instructions below, "How do I Access Get in a Browser".

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Accessing GET

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How do I Access GET on a Mobile Device
How do I Access GET on a Mobile Device

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How do I Access GET in a Browser
How do I Access GET in a Browser

Submitting your student ID Photo using the Cbord Get App

Requirements for Photos:

  • Take a photo from shoulders up (medium headshot) and do NOT crop the picture.
  • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward - no profile shots, sunglasses or hats
  • Photo must be in color with a light blue or white background
  • You must be the ONLY PERSON in the picture. No pets either!
  • No graduation caps, hats, gowns or costumes
  • Nothing can be touching the face - hands, trees, parents, etc.

Steby Step By Steps:

  1. Launch the Cbord Get App
  2. Unlock the app with touch ID or enter your pin depending on how you've set your app up
  3. Tap on the Credit Card image in the middle of the screen underneath the barcode
  4. Click the icon with three horizontal lines at the top right
  5. Click on Settings
  6. Click on Upload Photo
  7. Tap the Choose Photo button
  8. Choose one from the library or choose to take the photo
  9. Take the picture
  10. Click done
  11. You will now see you photo that is pending approval
  12. After your photo has been reviewed and approved by the Campus Card office you will be notified by your university email with further instructions.

  13. If you are attaching an image that you had previously you'll need to meet the following requirements
    1. Photo must be JPEG, PNG, or GIF file type.
    2. Maximum file size accepted is 1 MB.

***Your first Lynn ID Card s provided at no charge. For each lost or stolen card, you are required to pay a replacement fee.

Getting Help

Login Password Help

The GET app will look for your myLynn username and password once you have selected Lynn University. 

titleNeed Help?

If you are continuing to have trouble logging into the application you may contact the Support Service Desk at:

Excerpt Include
Support Services Contact Information
Support Services Contact Information

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Login PIN and Transaction Help

If you would like to report discrepancies with the the meal plan assigned or usage information found within the app, please contact Student Financial Services at 561-237-7185 or stopping into the Green Center to visit Student Financial Services (SFS) during university business hours. SFS will be able to confirm that you have the correct meal plan assigned based on what was purchased.

If you would like to report technical issues with the mobile app or the website you may contact the Support Service Desk at 561-237-7979  or stopping into the Library to visit the Support Service Desk on the first floor during university business hours

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