On this Job Aid:

My Tasks is a redesigned Inbox that enables users to easily filter, sort and search for their tasks. This helps users quickly find and complete Workday tasks. For workers using My Tasks, some user interface elements can still refer to Inbox.

Access My Tasks

You can access My Tasks from:

The top right corner of your screen, from the My Tasks icon (previously inbox icon) 

Workday home page

The Awaiting Your Action section on the home page.

Awaiting You Action section

A screen will display the new functionality.  

My Task Menu

My Tasks screen

All Items 

View All Items to see all pending tasks assigned to you. 

My Tasks

You can search for tasks across all items, in the archive, or within filters, using these search types:

Title Search: Search task titles using the search field. You don’t need to use case-sensitive terms or exact word order in your searches.

Search box

Advance Search

Use additional task and date range parameters to refine your search further.
The Assignment and Step parameters aren't available when using Advanced Search in the archive.

Saved Searches

Use a saved search to categorize tasks automatically based on the search parameters. When you create and save a search, you can access it from the Saved Searches tab. You can create and use saved searches only in All Items.
You can't share saved searches.


Displays all filters and options. Workday enables you to configure filters in My Tasks based on: Business process type, custom conditions and maximum row count.  You cannot share filters.


Select Manage Filters to view all current filters or create a new filter.

To create a new filter, click Create Inbox Filter.

create inbox filter button

Enter a Description and select For All Business Process or Specific Business Process Type(s). You may filter more in depth by listing a Task(s) associated with the specific business process type. Click Ok, then Done to save.

create inbox filters details

You can also filter automatically favorite items, overdue or delegated to you

delegated filter


View the Archive to see all tasks that you resolved in the last 90 days. You can search archived items.


Bulk Approve - Employees Only

You can approve some items in bulk. Not all business process supports bulk approval.  To approve items in bulk:

Select "All Items" in the left menu

Select "Bulk Approve"

A window will open with the items available to bulk approve.

Select specific items or select all and click OK.

Bulk Approve

Manage Delegations - Employees Only

You may also create a new delegation or manage current delegations from My Tasks. . Please view the Manage Delegation job aid for additional delegation information.



 The Notification bell will indicate students any notification. By pressing the bell it will display all the notifications pending. 

Notifications bell

By pressing the notification bell,  Workday will display the full message on the right side of the screen.


Click the Arrow Down and select the circles next to the notifications or  select "Mark All as Read" to mark that all notifications has been seen and read. 

mark all as read

To filter the notification by unread, press the Viewing option 

To sort from oldest to newest, press the Sort By option