1. Go to https://lupass.lynn.edu/ in an internet browser which should look like below. 
    1. ******You can only access the site if you are on campus or if you are an approved VPN user.   
    2. image2022-5-3_13-19-46.png
  2. At the screen above enter your username and your password and click the Logon Button. 
  3. At the screen below, click the Send Push Button to send a push to your registered device in Azure MFA
    1. Open your Google or Azure Authenticator app and select Scan QR Code. Then scan the QR Code below.
    2. image2022-5-3_13-21-11.png
  4. At the screen above, enter the verification code into the box and select Login.
  5. After a few seconds, you will be allowed to log in to PasswordState.