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Scammers are constantly looking for new ways to trick unsuspecting victims. Individuals must remain vigilant to protect themselves from these schemes, which can be challenging to detect and disguised as job or internship opportunities. Any email asking for information, such as your username, password, bank account, social security number, or gift card, is a potential scam. Additionally, any email offering up job opportunities without an interview process, or asking for unusual payment methods, should be treated with caution. The university has two email domains, one for students and the other for employees. It is crucial to pay attention to the domain the email is coming from and the content of the email. An employee will never email about job offers or internship from the student email domain.

How to


identify fraudulent offers

  • No legitimate job would ever ask for your login information/credentials
  • Communication with individuals not listed on the universitys campus directory
  • The person communicating with you via email or text is listed on the organization's website; however, the email address does not match the university's domain name,
  • The person/organization requests your bank account information to deposit large sums of money into your account.
  • The person/organization sends you checks or money and asks you to buy gift cards in exchange. 
  • There is little or no interview process.
  • There is no face-to-face (virtual or otherwise) communication.
  • The process is rushed, or the person/organization asks you to rush.
  • There are spelling errors in the organization’s information.
  • The opportunity sounds too good to be true.

What to



If you receive an unsolicited email about a job or internship opportunity, or if you come across a job or internship that seems too good to be true, please notify the Career and Alumni Connections office at 561-237-7286.If  If you are worried that you may be the victim of a scam, notify your bank immediately and alert Campus Safety at 561-237-7226.