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  1. Find the Onboarding email (see image below).
    1. This should have been communicated to your personal email address from your hiring mangermanager.  
    2. Check your spam or junk folders just in case you don't see it in your main inbox

  2. Complete the steps to onboard your network account
    1. Follow the instructions in the email by clicking on the Lynn University Onboarding Site Link or you can open up any browser and enter  
    2. Please keep the Onboarding email or information ready, as you will need it for the steps below.

      Onboarding setup page

    3. Enter your ID number from the email. It is typically a number from 5 - 8 digits long. Then Click click ‘Next’

    4. Here you will need to enter the pincode pin code and username provided on in the email.  Then click ‘Next’
      Enter pincode and username window

    5. This page requires you to enter a required personal email address and an optional mobile phone number in the US. This information will be stored in our automated password reset system. Then Click click ‘Next
      Password reset window

    6. The next two pages will look very similar and require you to select security questions and provide answers. This information will be stored in our self-service reset password management system (SSRPM) should you need to reset your password in the future. Click ‘Next’ when you have filled out both pages.
      Questions and answers window

    7. This next page allows you to set your account password for the first time. Please make sure to follow the password requirements listed on this page. All of the red X’s must be green check marks for you to be able to successfully set your password. Then Click click ‘Change’
      Enter new password window

    8. At this point, you have now successfully Activated your network account and finished the Onboarding process. Please remember both your Username and your Lynn Email Address, as these are what you will use to access the myLynn portal and other online resources. If you Click click ‘OK’ you will be taken back to the home page for Onboarding. You can close this browser window.
      Onboarding completed message


Now that you have completed Step 1: Complete onboarding network account steps,  there is one more step that you need to do before you can access your email.  In an effort to protect your email and the university's data we have implemented two-factor authentication and require it for all employees who are accessing their Lynn email from off-campus.  Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone else knows your password.


  • Please wait a full 24 hours from the time that your manager received the onboarding email from Employee Services before you attempt the following steps.   

Complete the steps below register, at a minimum, three separate methods for two-factor authentication 

This is one of the most important steps.  If you don't complete this step you'll not be able to access email, remotely.  We recommend you register a minimum of three methods in DUO. Duo Push, Cell SMS, and Desk Line.    If If you register only one method, for example, the DUO Push app on your cell phone or your Cell Phone Number cell phone number for SMS, you will be locked out of your account if . If you loose lose or replace your cell phone.  Unfortunately , the only way to regain access to your account is to contact IT Support Services.   


Now that you have completed Step 1: Complete onboarding network account steps and Step 2: Register two separate devices for two-factor authentication with DUO there steps 1 and 2 above, there is some important information that you need to know regarding accessing the resources below soon after the above steps are completed.  See below.  


Please wait a full 24 hours from the time that your manager received the onboarding email before you try and log in to canvas with your email address.

  • Adjuncts and Faculty faculty will be able to log into Canvas once they complete Step 1: Complete onboarding network account steps.
  • However, Adjuncts adjuncts and Faculty faculty will NOT be assigned any courses in Canvas until Academic Affairs completes the appropriate their steps.  Typically Academic Affairs assigns the courses within 2 two weeks of the course start date.  
  • If you are an Adjunct adjunct or a Faculty faculty member and you do not see the courses you expect in Canvas and it is 2 two weeks or less before your class start date, please contact Academic Affairs.


  • Please wait a full 24 hours from the time that your manager received the onboarding email before you try and log in to myLynn with your network account email address and password. 
  • Your manager will receive the onboarding email directly from Employee Services. 
  • If your manager has not received an onboarding email before your start date, your manager should contact Employee Services. 

Click Here for more instructions on how to access myLynn

Workday - Important Information!


During the pre-employee phase, you would have received two separate automated emails from the workday system to your personal email address that was provided to Employee Services. 

  • The first email would have contained:
  • The second email would have contained:
    • Your temporary password
  1. After clicking on the workday website link, there will be two options on the screen to log in.  Pre-Employees (an employee that is logging into workday before their official hire date) will use the Native Workday Login button on the home page.
  2. Upon the first login, you would have been prompted to set a few challenge response questions


You'll use the username and password combination and the Native Workday Login button on the home page to log into workday to upload all the documents necessary for Employee Services and the hiring process and you . You will continue to use this username and password combination and option to login in to into workday until your hire date.