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Starting Saturday Sep. 10, employees logging into Workday will see a new landing page with new navigation menu and search bar. The change is part of Workday's People Experience upgrade, part of their regular releases.

Workday has added machine-learning algorithms to recognize common tasks and applications by user and displays those on employee's landing page (Quick Tasks).

It will take several weeks of use for changes to take effect on your personalized page.

Components of the new landing page

When you log into Workday, you will notice a new home page layout experience. 

Workday presents information in several cards on the landing page:

  • Global Navigation:  Organize and access your applications.
  • Awaiting your action:  It displays the top three items on your inbox.  To access your inbox, you can click on the link "Go to all Inbox Items" beneath the list or the inbox icon on the top right of your screen.
  • Your Team (Managers Only): It displays reminders and action items for managers.
  • Timely suggestions: employee-specific reminders and action items.
  • Quick tasks: provides links to the three tasks a user accesses regularly. Workday optimizes this area using AI.
  • Your Top Apps: Configurable top 4 apps to display on your home page.  Perhaps the most significant change is that only four Apps are shown instead of twenty.  Click on the "View all apps" option beneath the three opens to the entire list of apps. See also global navigation menu.
  • Announcements: The Lynn announcements moves lower on the page.
  • Workday Assistant: Workday’s purpose-built chatbot that can help you complete common tasks, answer questions, and navigate around Workday.  Click here for more info.

Core Navigation


Global Navigation Menu

Access the new global navigation panel by selecting the 3 lines to the left of the Lynn logo. The panel will lists all Workday's applications and shortcuts  formerly displayed as icons on the landing page. The global navigation panel is on every Workday page, not just the landing page. Employees who use Workday's shortcuts option (the foursquare icon) or configure applications option (cog icon) will find those options in the global navigation panel. Shortcuts set previously in Workday will show up in this panel after Sep. 11.

Edit order of your Top Apps

my apps

Select Add Apps, Search apps or click + sign next to apps to add.

Click Edit,  Click - to delete apps or Click and drag apps to rearranged them. 

My Shortcuts

The Configure Shortcuts task is no longer available in the top menu 

You will find the shortcuts on the top of the  Global Navigation Menu, tab next to Apps.

Click Add Shortcuts,  search for the task or report, click + sign to add

To reorder or delete shortcuts,  Click Edit.  Select - sign to delete shortcuts or drag and drop to reorder. 

my shortcuts navigation

Enhanced Search

Workday enhanced the search experience  to make it easier to find what you're looking for. The search results will be organized on categories such as organizations, people, and task and reports.

The Search Bar will now, by default, only yield results related to People, Tasks and Reports.

Users will be able to select other search categories (such as Expenses and Recruiting) shown under More Categories to yield those related results.

Search screen

Not finding what you are looking for? The More Categories section on the left, will let you select search results from other categories based on your search. You will see this test example search revealed 15 results in Staffing  that users can view by selecting them.

Click on "More Categories" > to expand your search

Starting Sep. 11, 2022, employees will be able to customize their search categories to better fit their needs by clicking the "Configure Search" gear icon . 

If you are in a role that has you searching for things outside the defaulted search categories (like Position Titles, Expense Reports, etc) you may want to configure your search results to automatically search for those items.

To configure your search results, select the Configure Search button at the bottom left of the Search Results page. There, you can simply drag the category you wish to add from “More Categories” to “Saved Categories.”

From the list, drag and drop the list items to organize your list.