Vonage Business Solutions is a cloud-based solution that offers a business phone system to Lynn University faculty and staff.  The service enables businesses to connect their VoIP phone system to internet-enabled devices and communicate via text, over the phone or via video conferencing.

Installing Vonage from Windows Software Center (On-Campus Users only)

  1. Once logged into Windows 10 Desktop
  2. Click on the Windows Logo in the bottom left-hand corner of your screenPicture of Windows Logo on Main Task Bar
  3. Once you click on the Windows logo, begin typing Software Center.
  4. Click on the Software Center Desktop App button that appears

    Photo of Software Center Desktop App button from Windows 10 Start Menu
  5. The Lynn University Application Catalog will open

  6. Under the Applications Tab, choose the Vonage Business application to install (if there are 2, choose the one with the NEW banner)

  7. Click the Install
    1. Your application will begin to install
    2. When complete, the Install button will change to an Uninstall button
  8. You have successfully installed your application and it will automatically prompt you to login.
  9. Vonage Business - New Version window will pop up immediately. Anytime you receive this pop up window from the Vonage Business app, Click → Update
  10. The application will automatically update
    1. Once the update has completed, enter your Lynn University login credentials

  11. Once logged in, you will be automatically logged in to the Vonage Business application when logging in to the same computer in the future.

Installing Vonage from Self-Service (MacOS, iOS users)

  1. Launch the Self Service application  . Self Service can be found in Finder under Applications or Launchpad.
  2. In Self Service, you can search in the top left corner for Vonage and install the most recent version of the application . 
  3. Open the application and enter your Lynn University login credentials
  4. Once logged in, you will be automatically logged in to the Vonage Business application when logging in to the same device in the future.

Using the Vonage Web Application

Sign in

  1. From a Chrome web browser, go to app.vonage.com and sign in using your Lynn email address as the Vonage username and your Lynn password
  2. Click on Sign In

Please NOTE:

  1. You must use your Lynn email address as your Vonage username.
  2. Your user name is case sensitive and must be entered in lower case. 
  3. You must change your password on the myLynn web site. The Forget your password option shown above will not work for Lynn employees. 

Sign out

  1. Go to the upper left corner of the web app
  2. Click on the circle with your initials
  3. Click Logout

Using your Vonage Phone

Click on the following links to view the training videos:

Vonage Business Desktop Application

Setting up your voicemail

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