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  • Can I use Microsoft Bookings to schedule appointments on my calendar?
    • Yes, you can. Microsoft Bookings is available to all current Lynn University Students and Employees. 
  • Do I need to do anything to start using Microsoft Bookings?
    • Yes, you do. Before using Microsoft Bookings, you will need to configure a calendar and a service. A How-To video can be found here.
  • Can Microsoft Bookings be used for individuals as well as teams or groups?
    • Yes, it can. Microsoft Bookings can be used to schedule appoints for you or for an entire team. You can even use Microsoft Bookings to schedule appointments with a 3rd party outside of the university.
  • How do I get to Microsoft Bookings?
    • You can browse to and log in using your Lynn University login credentials.
  • Is there help available for setting up my Microsoft Bookings Page?
    • Yes, a request can be opened with IT Support Services for help with Microsoft Bookings here.
  • How do I change the Maximum Number of Attendees for a Microsoft Bookings Service to allow more than 1 person to attend?
    • When creating a new Service, before saving it the first time you must change the Maximum Number of Attendees. If you have already save the service and the option is greyed out, you will need to create a new Service.

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