Instructional Video

          Instructional Video

Getting Started

IT recommends that users complete their enrollment using a desktop computer or iPad.
Users will need to have their iPhone or Android phone with them and be able to download apps, to complete the process.
Users should make sure they are connected to the internet and have their Lynn University email address and password ready to log in.

Starting the Process

Users should receive an email from Lynn University with a link to begin the registration process.  If so, click the blue “Click Here to Register for MFA” button.

Signing In on the Desktop Computer or iPad

The Microsoft Sign-in Screen will appear.
Users should enter their Lynn University Email Address and click Next.  (Ex. or

Next, the Lynn University sign-in screen will appear.
Users should enter their Lynn University Account password and click Sign In.

On the next screen, users can select whether to stay signed in on the device they are using.
If the user is registering on a public device, they should not remain signed in.

The next screen is the first step in the registration process.
Click on Next to continue.

Downloading and Installing the Microsoft Authenticator App on your iPhone/Android device

Before users can continue through the process, they must download the Microsoft Authenticator App on their secondary device.
Lynn University-issued iPad users can go to the Self-Service app to download the app

Users who can click on the “Download now” link on their secondary device will be taken to the App Store on their device and be able to download the app.

If users cannot click the link, they may go to the App Store and search for Microsoft Authenticator.
Once found users should download the app.

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App on your iPhone/Android device

Once the download is complete, launch the app.
The App may ask you to approve Push Notifications.
This is essential to allow as users will get pushes to Approve or Deny when logging in.

A notice may appear explaining the app’s data usage policy.
After reading, press OK.

  • Once the app has been installed and is ready for use, go back to your ipad/desktop
  • For the "How should we contact you?" question, click or tap on the drop down menu and choose Mobile App. 
  • Click on the blue Set Up button 

  • Select "Receive Notifications for Verification".
  • Click on the blue "Set Up" button .

Syncing the Microsoft Authenticator App to your iPhone/Android device

  • Press the ”Add Account” button in the middle of the screen.
  • Select the “Work or School Account” option on the next screen.
  • If prompted, click OK to allow the app to use the device’s camera.

Once the app is ready, click Next on the desktop or iPad device.
The following page, displayed on the desktop or iPad, will have a QR code that users can scan to sync the app.

Hold the iPhone/Android’s camera up to the QR code.
When the scan has completed, the image will freeze, and a rotating wheel will appear.
If users are unable to use their iPhone/Android’s camera, they can select to Enter a Code manually.

The manual entry code and URL can be found on the QR code page on the desktop or iPad device.

Copy and paste or enter the manual code and URL into the appropriate places on the App.

Once the code has been scanned or entered successfully, users will see the Lynn University account listed on the app on their iPhone/Android device.

Verifying the Microsoft Authenticator App

Once the app account has been created, go back to the registration screen on the desktop or iPad device, and click Next.
The app will then send a test push-notification to the app on the iPhone/Android device that must be approved or denied.

On the app, a pop-up window will appear that gives the user the option to approve or deny a sign-in attempt.
For account security purposes, it is critical that users do not approve login attempts that may be fraudulent. (If you didn’t do it, don’t approve it!!!)

When the push notification has been approved, the registration screen on the desktop or iPad device will show that the verification has been approved.
Click Next.

Completing the Initial Registration Process

  • The site will ask for additional security verification, in the case you lose access to your app. Input your phone number here. 
  • if it doesn't work, refresh the page, 

Adding alternative authentication devices

  • IT recommends that users set up at least two (2) authentication devices. (For example, if you are completing this on your desktop computer, you can set up an iPad as a 2nd authentication device)
  • On the desktop or iPad device, the Security Info option will load after completing the initial registration.
  • Here, users will add additional devices for authentication.

  • To add another device, click on the blue "Set up Authenticator app" button. 

 A QR code will appear on screen. Download the Authenticator App on your other device and qet to the QR Code Scanning screen

Scan the code and hit next on your desktop. Your Secondary device is now added

Users can also add a phone as an authentication option
        •SMS text messages with codes can be used.
        •Phone calls with codes can be received.
To add this type of device, click the checkbox for Authentication Phone. 

Adding a phone for authentication

Users will select a Country Code and enter their 10-digit phone number

  • The site will ask for verification. It should send you a push notification to the Authenticator App.

The list will now show all devices set up for authentication.

Deleting a device

  • When users get a new device or replace their device, they will need to delete the old device associated with Microsoft Authenticator and add the new device.
  • To delete a device, go back to
  • Under the check box for Authenticator App or Token, is a list of your devices.
  • Hit delete on the device you'd like to disconnect